I support people who are ready to clear their emotional blocks and be their true authentic selves.

– My Two Areas of Specialty –

Authentic Mothering

I support moms who are navigating their journey through motherhood and want to parent their way with more confidence. Is this you? Learn more here.

Beyond Talking Therapy

I work with people who have come to understand their limiting beliefs and patterns and are ready to actually heal these patterns on a cellular level. Is this you? Learn more here.

I use a modality called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which rebalances the energy around emotions. You can read more about EFT here and about what is it like to Work With Me here.

"Charlotte creates a very nurturing, gentle and safe space. I honestly felt like I could tell her my entire life story and be accepted. Charlotte is on this planet to help and liberate a lot of people from the crazy confines of their spiraling minds."
– Alexandra LeeAnn, Surrey B.C.