Being a mom isn’t easy. There are so many choices, and rarely an easy option. It’s hard to know what to do, and the “helpful” (conflicting) advice of friends, relatives, doctors, and teachers is often confusing.

I am passionate about supporting moms and expecting moms who want to parent as their true authentic selves. It’s not going to look like how your mother parented, or follow the latest parenting trend. It’s about claiming your own intuition about your child and what they need, because every mother is the expert on her child.

I support moms to release a lot of the stress and guilt that they face, get in touch with their intuitions, set boundaries, release the emotions around any past traumas, and make better choices as parents for their own families.

I can help you if:

  • You’re stressed, overwhelmed, confused, or guilty about not doing everything right all the time
  • You find yourself saying “Oh no. I sound just like my mother did and I swore I’d never do that
  • You find yourself conflicted between how you want to parent and how friends and relatives are advising you. You just want them to back off, but don’t know how to say that politely
  • You are inundated with advice from parenting experts and don’t know who to listen to
  • You are being triggered by traumatic memories from your childhood
  • You’re an expecting mom and you’re already overwhelmed with choices about your pregnancy and how you’re going to parent

What moms get from working with me:

  • Release stress, emotions, and mama guilt, so you can see your situation with more clarity
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries with friends and relatives in a polite and loving way
  • Identify what is truly needed amidst the chaos and come up with creative ideas and solutions for having those needs met
  • Gain confidence in parenting your own child/children in how they need to be parented given the person they are
  • Learn to listen to your intuition
  • Find your authentic voice as a parent

Here are some examples of moms I’ve helped:

  • A mom who was yelling at her kids when she got overwhelmed, and was beating herself up for sounding just like her own mother. We released her stuck emotions around old childhood memories and now she’s able to be the calm, compassionate parent she wants to be most of the time.
  • A mom in her early 30s with a general feeling of unhappiness and anxiety as a result of having grown up with an unsupportive and demeaning father who seemed to quash her ability to thrive. We were able to shift the emotion around these old memories.
  • A mom in her mid-40s who had high blood pressure and had a hunch that there were underlying emotional causes. We’re releasing her habit of burying and hiding emotions, so she can lower her blood pressure without medication.
  • A mom whose in-laws seem to have no respect for her parenting choices. We discovered that as a child, she was told to respect her elders and was made to feel like her opinions didn’t matter. When we released that conditioning, she was able to set boundaries and parent how she wants to parent.

Are you ready to release your stresses and parent as your authentic self?

P.S. While it’s mostly moms who seek me out, if you’re a dad reading this, it would be an honor to work with you too!