I work with people who have already done some personal growth work, talk therapy, and/or counseling.

                    Traditional talk therapy gives us insight into the causes of our feelings but                                        it doesn’t necessarily help us feel better.

For example, let’s say that as a child your were constantly put down by a teacher with black-rimmed glasses. Now, whenever you have to interact with someone in authority with black-rimmed glasses, you get the same feelings in your body as you did as a child (your stomach tightens, your heart starts racing). Even though you know it’s not the same situation, and you even know why the reaction is happening, you can’t overrule your body’s stress response.

This is where EFT comes in. It’s a way of release these old patterns quickly and effectively. The way I approach EFT is full of heart – my clients say they feel safe, validated, seen, heard, and supported.

I can help you if:

  • You’ve already done some personal growth work, talk therapy, and/or counseling
  • You notice patterns of sabotaging yourself, getting upset out of proportion to the situation, and getting stuck in the same way again and again
  • Other people tell you that you're too sensitive
  • You may already have an understanding of what your baggage is and where it came from at a cognitive level. Now you’re ready to release it from your body at a cellular level

Benefits of working with me:

  • Release patterns and limiting beliefs from childhood
  • Get space from your emotions to understand what your underlying issue really is, so you can effectively address it
  • Find your authentic voice and gain clarity on what you want and need
  • Enjoy more freedom and peace of mind

Are you ready to release your limiting beliefs and enjoy more freedom and peace of mind?

“Charlotte Watson is a wonderful EFT practitioner. Our sessions together brought me an amazing amount of clarity and calm in a short time. Through keen observation, Charlotte helped me to find words to describe what I was experiencing, and helped me move towards healthier beliefs and thoughts. The technique made it easy to take in the new ways of thinking so much more deeply than talking alone.
– Cheryl  Burdick, Vancouver B.C.