How EFT Creates Space for Our Emotions to Flow

Emotions are actually really important.  They help guide us in understanding who we are, what our values are, what is important to us, what we fear, etc.  But for various reasons the energy around particular emotions can get misaligned or blocked. This causes us to experience our emotions really strongly, intensely or with a lot of charge in our bodies and repeatedly. You know when you are really fearful and you get a knot in your stomach, or you are too scared to speak up for yourself and your throat gets tight and scratchy so your voice would sound weird if you spoke.  This isn’t necessarily helpful and apart from being unpleasant to be constantly experiencing a negative emotion strongly, intensely or with a lot of charge, the chemical and hormonal changes that this can cause in us, can lead us to not think clearly or make wise choices around that area, or lead to health issues from too many stress hormones etc.

Say for example your grandma died last year and you are sad about it.  That is fine in itself because it shows you that your grandma was important to you. But if every time you think of your grandma dying last year, the sadness and grief are so strong that you the tears just well up inside you leading you to burst into tears, and you can’t control it, then that is where the emotion isn’t serving you anymore and is most likely misaligned or blocked.  EFT can release the energy so it flows again around your body reducing the intensity or emotional charge in your body.  It won’t take the emotion away.  You will always be sad that your grandma died.  But you won’t burst into tears every time you think of her.

And it could just be that you can then start to see things in the bigger picture. For example, one aspect of your sadness could be because you used to play board games with your Grandma every Sunday afternoon, and now you have a void every Sunday afternoon, and you don’t get to play board games anymore.  Once your energy and emotions are more in balance, it could be that we see that you playing board games with your aunt instead will help fill that void.