"I was feeling helpless in the family situation; lost in the enormity of my emotions; and couldn't see a way through. "

Thank you to a recent client for sharing her experience of working with me, and how our EFT sessions have helped her.

"I started working with Charlotte because a close relationship had disintegrated and I felt overwhelmed by my desire to rescue it.

I was feeling helpless in the family situation; lost in the enormity of my emotions; and couldn't see a way through. 

I felt trapped.

The best thing about working with Charlotte was how warm and open she is. I really appreciated how she would listen when I wanted to share and allow me to feel my scary emotions in a safe space. I also loved how she used humour and imagery to help me slay my emotional dragons.

I was surprised by how many visceral memories from trauma in my past came to the surface. Things that I had completely consciously forgotten but that I was still holding on to and needed to be able to heal before I could move forward.  Charlotte and her skill at EFT was able to support and guide me to release from these and heal. 

I am so grateful for Charlotte’s help processing my emotions. I am in a much better head space to deal with every day issues and I also have strategies to use to stop me from returning to old behaviour patterns.

After working with Charlotte the relationship is still in disrepair, but I am OK.  I have healed in me what I needed to heal, and I feel strong enough to walk away whilst leaving the door open to the relationship in the future."

- Erin L., Surrey B.C.


As well as being the mother to two spirited little children, Charlotte Watson is an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner who specializes in working with parents all over the world via Skype who struggle to feel good enough.  She uses her empathetic, compassionate and validating approach to meet people where they are at with their feelings and experiences. Charlotte believes that our feelings and emotions can help guide us understanding our values but they shouldn’t overwhelm or control us. She holds these at the cornerstones of her EFT Practice where she specializes in supporting mums who are overwhelmed, struggling or triggered by past traumas, to be able to parent and make decisions with confidence and clarity, and just feel good enough.

Her friend would tell you that she is engaged without judgement, strong without aggression, and truthful without inflicting pain.  She is compassionate with accountability, empathetic with professionalism, and she is very effective at moving people through change to the best selves.

If you would like to know more about how Charlotte's EFT Practice can support you to parent with confidence and clarity, feeling good enough as yourself, please schedule a free 20 minute phone or Skype call www.charlotteeft20min.youcanbook.me

Visit her website at http://www.charlotterwatson.com and find her on Facebook.