"I started working with Charlotte because a close relationship had disintegrated and I felt overwhelmed by my desire to rescue it.

I was feeling helpless in the family situation; lost in the enormity of my emotions; and couldn't' see a way through. 

I felt trapped.

After working with Charlotte the relationship is still in disrepair, but I am OK.  I have healed in me what I needed to heal, and I feel strong enough to walk away whilst leaving the door open to the relationship in the future."

- Erin L., Surrey B.C.


"Charlotte creates a very nurturing, gentle and safe space. I honestly felt like I could tell her my entire life story and be accepted. Charlotte is on this planet to help and liberate a lot of people from the crazy confines of their spiraling minds."

– Alexandra LeeAnn, Surrey B.C.


"Charlotte is one of the most mindful and present people I have ever met.  I had read about EFT and had been practicing it on my own prior to working with Charlotte. I didn’t really see or think much about the benefits of working with a trained practitioner. I was surprised at how quickly Charlotte helped me to zero in on what was important and what was really going on for me. I most appreciate Charlotte’s skill at listening during our EFT sessions. She hears things I didn’t even realize that I said until she draws attention to them in a kind and gentle way. Having someone as thoughtful, intuitive, and skilled as Charlotte to work with has helped me to trust the connection between the emotional and physical in my life ."
– Jennifer Izatt, North Vancouver B.C.


“Charlotte Watson is a wonderful EFT practitioner. Our sessions together brought me an amazing amount of clarity and calm in a short time. Through keen observation, Charlotte helped me to find words to describe what I was experiencing, and helped me move towards healthier beliefs and thoughts. The technique made it easy to take in the new ways of thinking so much more deeply than talking alone.
– Cheryl  Burdick, Vancouver B.C.


"I am so grateful for Charlotte Watson & her gift of healing through EFT. Even after just one session I feel more empowered & reconnected with my own intuition. I feel as though I have been given tools to work through emotional triggers that come up & I am looking forward to further sessions with Charlotte. Her grounded, calm energy & voice helped me to work through some very emotional things that came up during our session & I felt very safe, heard & validated throughout our session. I highly recommend trying EFT & I more strongly recommend trying it with Charlotte. What a powerful tool use to work through emotional triggers & to heal them."

– Naomi Warnhoff, age 25, mother of two, Vancouver Island B.C.


"Charlotte is very warm and welcoming and put me at ease. I felt that she was completely non-judgmental about the issue we were working on, and asking many helpful and clarifying questions. My issue really stopped feeling as overwhelming and upsetting, and a week later I am still feeling calm and like I have the ability to figure things out."

– Shaina, Canada