Work With Me

Each of my EFT sessions is 90 minutes and is conducted ideally by Skype from your own computer or alternatively by telephone (I’ll call you so there are no long distance charges for you).  You can be in the comfort of you own home, or whatever private, quiet space you feel comfortable in. 

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are; thanks to Skype, we can work together. 

I strive for my EFT sessions to be a safe & supportive space for you to explore your feelings and experiences.

When you choose to work with me I ask you to commit to a series of 5 sessions.  Although the majority of my clients notice a positive shift even after the first session, in my experience after 5 sessions:

  • we are able to go deeper to explore and reduce the intensity of the issues and experiences that underlie your current challenges and feelings
  • your emotions around long term feelings, beliefs and traumas are reduced and often cleared
  • you are able to look at yourself in a new way
  • we are able to work towards achieving long-term, permanent results
  • we are able to focus on the future positively, when previously, the future had felt impossible or just fueled with fear or negative cycles
  • you will have learned a new tool that you can use in your everyday life to help you cope with the everyday stresses we all experience, so they do not affect you like they did before

Are you interested in exploring how I can support you?

"Charlotte is one of the most mindful and present people I have ever met.
I had read about EFT and had been practicing it on my own prior to working with Charlotte. I didn’t really see or think much about the benefits of working with a trained practitioner. I was surprised at how quickly Charlotte helped me to zero in on what was important and what was really going on for me. I most appreciate Charlotte’s skill at listening during our EFT sessions. She hears things I didn’t even realize that I said until she draws attention to them in a kind and gentle way. Having someone as thoughtful, intuitive, and skilled as Charlotte to work with has helped me to trust the connection between the emotional and physical in my life ."
– Jennifer Izatt, North Vancouver B.C.

                                    EFT does not replace treatment by a registered medical Doctor