Charlotte's current yoga teaching schedule is:

1) Karma Teachers: Canada's first not-for-profit yoga studio

- Vinyasa, Thursday 11.15 - 12.15
- Prenatal, Thursday 12.45-1.45

all Karma classes are free or by donation

2) Vancouver Coastal Health: Healthiest Baby Possible

- Prenatal Yoga
please contact VCH directly to inquire about enrolling in the Healthiest Baby Possible program.

3) Please contact me for information about private lessons


As a mum to two spirited little children, Charlotte is continually learning to adapt her practice, both physical and spiritual, to fit her family life. 

Prior to becoming a mother Charlotte had a career in a high pressured profession.  She credits her experience of Prenatal Yoga in supporting her transition from this to motherhood. 

Charlotte deeply believes in supporting people, both adults & children, to understand who they are, and accept where they are at in the here & now.  She loves seeing people living their lives as their true authentic selves .... whatever that looks like. 

The motto: "Room to grow but be yourself" can be seen both in how she parents and how she teaches her yoga classes. 

"Charlotte is engaged without judgement, strong without aggression, and truthful without inflicting pain. She is compassionate with accountability, empathic with professionalism, and she is very effective at moving people through change to their best selves.”